World Wondering

What is Moodyornot?

Moodyornot is a mood logger that tells you how the world and you feel lately. You set your and the worlds mood by submitting how you feel right now. The mood stats are then based on all these mood submissions, which tell you how the world's been feeling.

Ok, but what is MQ ?

You probably heard of IQ (Intellectual Quotient) before, MQ stands for Mood Quotient. This quotient is based on all the mood submission Moodyornot got since the site launched. These submissions are then averaged by user, and again by day.

This Quotient sets a mood baseline, so if the todays mood percent is above the MQ then the World is considered being in a happy mood, and sad if it's below the MQ.

Cool, what is "Profile MQ" ?

Profile MQ is based on a single person or profile, and it's calculated like the worlds MQ, averaging your votes since the first day you submitted your mood. If your using Moodyornot recently, your MQ might be a bit off, because it hasn't much information to average itself on. Submit your mood for a few days and you'll notice that your mood stats will get more interesting as time passes by.

and lastly, what is "Mood Trend".

When you submit your mood, you already know how you feel right now. Your or a profile's mood trend is based on the last mood submissions Moodyornot registered. These are chosen based on how much mood data a profile has. So, like for the "Profile MQ", try submitting your mood to Moodyornot for a few days, you can even submit a couple times a day, and you'll notice how your trend gets more interesting.